I am no longer going to be posting my graphics here. Instead, I’ll be posting them on my main here (I’m basically combining my graphics blog with my main now instead of having them on separate blogs). Thanks!

isaac + blue / / 3.11

someone that has a strong connection to you...a kind of emotional tether. 

all of my doubt suddenly goes away step closer

it's like the sun came out

you’re just like me

What does Lydia see in Jackson that she doesn’t see in Stiles?

I don’t know…Stiles, you know, if I’m answering as Stiles I would say I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all…’I would love you every day, I would give my world to you’. -dylan o’brien

✎ Anonymous: I just saw your Don't swallow the cap gifset and fun fact: The National is one of Dominic Monaghan's favorite bands currently. Just wondering if you did that on purpose cuz it fits really well

Ah no I didn’t know that at all! That’s such a weird coincidence. Now I feel like I want to tweet it to him haha! (: Thanks for letting me know.

i've tried, brother, i've tried twice to save you, but the 
universe has a way of course-correcting and i can't
stop it forever...

JAM rewatch || The Fire 2.04